Note:  Remember, if the judge announces a stay due to the appeal we are back to the Governors mandates.

From PIAA:

We have received the following from one of our schools that was issued to them from PDE.

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You are likely aware that on Monday a federal court in the Western District of Pennsylvania issued a decision striking down some of the commonwealth's

COVID-related orders. The ruling is limited to the business closure order and the stay at home orders issued in March, which were later suspended, as

well as the 25-person indoor and 250-person outdoor gathering limitations.

The actions taken by the Wolf Administration were mirrored by governors across the country and saved and continue to save lives. As such, the Wolf

Administration has applied for a stay of the order and will appeal this decision. Nevertheless, we understand that you may be wondering how this development

might impact your operations in the intervening time until the litigation comes to a resolution.

The ruling was not a blanket end to the mitigation orders put in place to protect residents of the commonwealth from the deadly COVID-19 virus and we must

all stay the course to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. Indeed, all other orders of the governor and Secretary of Health remain in effect,

including the order on face coverings.

School entities remain responsible for enforcing the face covering order and requiring social distancing at school and at all school events, including school

sporting events. The administration encourages schools to voluntarily enforce the 25- person indoor and 250-person outdoor gathering limitation while all of

us wait for the court to rule on the stay request.

We trust that school leaders understand the critical importance of maintaining the health and safety of our school communities, and further trust that they will

continue to maintain strong social distancing and face covering policies necessary to contain and mitigate this virus.

For your consideration:

PDE's request that schools voluntarily adhere to the 25 and 250 caps recognizes that they, at least for the moment, are not mandatory and adherence is up to

each school.

In light of Judge Stickman's ruling that the 25/250 limits are unconstitutionally overbroad, discussion with your school board and local solicitor is appropriate so

that each school considers all relevant factors in making its own decision to how many spectators to admit for a contest.

If schools decide to increase the 25/250 limits, they should exercise caution and good judgment in setting numbers for attendance at indoor and outdoor sports.


We would advise schools to apply common sense in allowing parents to see their sons and daughters play water polo and girls' volleyball where the 25 person

limit cannot be complied with without separating teammates.

The attendance of families at contests for support and supervision is important and that permitting this to occur should be the priority in setting limits.

We would urge schools to use common sense in developing their entry numbers and ensure the use of face masks and social distancing as referenced by the

current mitigation orders.

Thank you.

Bob Lombardi

Dr. Robert A. Lombardi
PIAA Executive Director
550 Gettysburg Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
717/697-0374 X110