PRINCIPALS:  Please Share These Minutes With Your Athletic Director

Regular Meeting of PIAA District 6 – June 16, 2005



Call to Order of the June 16, 2005 Meeting

Chairman Wotkowski called the meeting of the District 6 Committee to order at 10:00 AM at the Cottage Restaurant in Ebensburg.  Present were Committee members Raymond Wotkowski, Albert D’Ambrosia, Dean Rossi, Michael Sakash, Donald Hosterman, Michael Hudak, Vince Nedimyer, Kenneth Bussard, David Heim, David Crumrine, Alberta Ake, Thomas Kakabar, Susan Werner, Kathy Getz, James Price, and Gary Jubas. Also present were invited guests, William Reimer and Thomas Musselman.


Approval of Minutes

Vince Nedimyer and Thomas Kakabar approved the minutes of the May 5, 2005, meeting.



On a motion by Thomas Kakabar and James Price, the Committee accepted the actions taken by Tom Fleming Jr., Principal at Richland Senior High School, regarding the incident that took place during the District 6 final at the Blair County Ball Park.  Coach Rick Roberts will be excluded from coaching and attending the first three varsity baseball games during the 2005/06 season.


Chairman Wotkowski received a copy of a letter sent to Todd Parnell, General Manager, Blair County Ball Park, from Rick Foust, Principal, and Gene Raymond, Athletic Director, at Homer Center School District.  On a motion by Vince Nedimyer and Gary Jubas, the Committee is requesting more information regarding the actions, facts of finding, and the investigation into the incident that occurred at the Blair County Ball Park on June 2nd.


Financial Reports

On a motion by Dean Rossi and Susan Werner, the Committee unanimously approved the May financial report. 


On a motion by Vince Nedimyer and David Heim, the Executive Committee will look at the proposals from Barnes Saly and Company, and the firm Young, Oakes, and Brown for the District 6 audit.


On a motion by David Heim and David Crumrine, the Committee approved the Softball financial report given by tournament director, Albert D’Ambrosia. 


Thomas Musselman, tournament director, gave the Track and Field financial report.  The report noted it costs the District 6 Committee approximately $5000.00 to run the Track and Field tournaments each year.  On a motion by Thomas Kakabar and Michael Sakash the financial report was approved.   On a motion by Vince Nedimyer and David Crumrine, the fee to rent the FAT equipment will be increased to $500.00 when used by outside districts.  Michael Sakash and Dean Rossi made a motion to upgrade the camera from black and white to color with the cost being approximately $2000.00.


On a motion by Susan Werner and Kathy Getz, the Committee approved the Tennis financial report given by Dean Rossi. 


On a motion by Susan Werner and Jim Price, the Committee approved the Boys Volleyball financial report given by tournament director, Kathy Getz. 


On a motion by Dean Rossi and Susan Werner, the Committee approved the Promotions financial report given by James Price.     James Price made a motion to solicit bids for t-shirts, seconded by Albert D’Ambrosia, with the conditions that he ask for a sample of the product, cost, and turn around time from order to delivery.



Eligibility Hearings

On a motion by James Price and Kathy Getz, Matt Thornton, transferring from Bishop Carroll was granted eligibility to participate in football and track at Penns Manor, with a vote of 17-0-0, Gary Jubas abstained.


On a motion by Thomas Kakabar and Albert D’Ambrosia, Carina Struble, transferring from Bald Eagle Area, was granted eligibility to participate in basketball at Bellefonte with a vote of 18-0.


Foreign Exchange Eligibility Hearings

There were no foreign exchange eligibility hearings.



Please forward your 2005 Varsity Football schedule to TOM ELLING at 220 South Fairview Street, Lock Haven,  PA  17745, as soon as possible.


On a motion by Vince Nedimyer and Dean Rossi, the District 6 Swimming and Diving will be held for two days, if District 9 agrees.


On a motion by Donald Hosterman and Alberta Ake, the Committee decided to put the medal and plaques out for a RFP (Request Formal Proposal).


Michael Hudak will provide the Committee with a list of the approved evaluators at the August 2nd meeting.


On a motion by Kathy Getz and Michael Sakash, a letter will be sent to the nine high schools who are eligible for the sportsmanship awards, asking them to specify why they think their school is deserving of this award.  The letters need to be mailed to Sherry Montgomery by July 15th.


The District 6 Committee would like to thank Michael Sakash and David Heim for serving on the District 6 Committee.  Michael Sakash served for 18 years and David Heim for 20 years. 


Susan Werner and Albert D’Ambrosia made a motion to award scholarships for selected officials to attend the Officials Convention on August 5th and 6th


The Next Meeting

The next meeting of the PIAA District 6 Committee will be held on Tuesday, August 2, 2005 at 10:00 AM at the Scotch Valley Country Club, Hollidaysburg, PA.



Respectfully submitted,

Sherry I. Montgomery

                                                                                                                Sherry Montgomery