PRINCIPALS:  Please Share These Minutes With Your Athletic Director

Regular Meeting of PIAA District 6 – April 12, 2005


Call to Order of the April 12, 2005, Meeting

Chairman Wotkowski called the meeting of the District 6 Committee to order at 4:00 PM at the Scotch Valley Country Club. Present were: Ray Wotkowski, Alberta Ake, David Crumrine, Don Hosterman, Vince Nedimyer, Thomas Kakabar, Kathy Getz, Craig Butler, Norman Krumenacker, Gary Jubas, Charles Koren, Dean Rossi, Michael Sakash, Kim Struble, Mike Hudak, James Price, David Heim, and Susan Werner.


Approval of Minutes

On a motion from David Crumrine and Charles Koren, the minutes of the March 15th meeting were approved.  Dean Rossi and Vince Nedimyer made a motion to approve the minutes for the meeting held on March 30th.


Financial Reports

On a motion by Michael Sakash and Don Hosterman, the Committee unanimously approved the March Financial Report.


Thomas Kakabar and Susan Werner made a motion to accept the Basketball Financial Report given by Michael Sakash.  On a motion by Norman Krumenacker and David Heim the District 6 Committee will reimburse the District 6 schools that participated in the presale of tickets for the basketball playoffs.


On a motion by Craig Butler and Alberta Ake the Wrestling Financial Report given by Don Hosterman will be tabled until the May meeting. 



On a motion by Kathy Getz and David Heim the District 6 Committee will pay for 10 Officials to attend the Officials Convention.


Chairman Wotkowski received a letter from Bradley Cashman, informing him that information had been provided to PIAA indicating that State College High School students may have participate at the Nike Indoor National Championships held on March 12 and 13, 2005.  Mr. Butler will provide a written response to Mr. Wotkowski by April 15th.


Eligibility Hearings

On a motion by Vince Nedimyer and Norman Krumenacker, Brianna Saulsbury, transferring from Central Cambria to Bishop Carroll, the eligibility transfer for this student was tabled until the May meeting at which time Charles Koren will report back to the Committee on his findings of his investigation as to whether or not she has participated in any events. With a vote of 17-0-1, Charles Koren abstain.



Foreign Exchange Eligibility Hearings

The following foreign exchange students are eligible to participate in sports.

Markus Cremering        Germany          Southern Huntingdon    TR       motion by Kim Struble and Susan Werner


Herman Skylstad          Norway            Southern Huntingdon    TR       motion by Kathy Getz and Susan Werner



Any school that might be eligible for the Sportsmanship Award are ask to write a letter to David Heim, explaining what they have done to promote sportsmanship in their school.   Please send the letter to David R. Heim, RD 2 Box 245, Hollidaysburg, PA  16648 or call at 814-695-9309.


Chairman Wotkowski would like to acknowledge Charles Koren as a member of the District 6 Committee.  When introduction were made at the banquet he was inadvertently omitted.


Kenneth Bussard, Central Cambria High School, and Mike Hudak, Male Official’s Representative, will be the newest members to join the District 6 Committee.  Michael Sakash and David Heim will be leaving the District 6 Committee. The Committee would like to thank Mr. Sakash and Mr. Heim for their many years of service on the District 6 Committee.  Thomas Kakabar will serve as the District 6 Basketball Tournament Director.


The football play by classification will be determined at the Summer Workshop held in June.


The Next Meeting

The next meeting of the PIAA District 6 Committee will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2005 at 3:30 PM at the Hollidaysburg Area High School. 


                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                                Sherry Montgomery

                                                                                                Sherry Montgomery