PIAA District 6 Cross Country Championships

Meet Day



Many of the problems we encounter in interscholastic sports are due to lack of communication. I would like to remind everyone (coaches and athletes) of the PIAA rules concerning Cross Country.


1. Athletes must wear a school-issued Track & Field or Cross Country uniform when competing - jersey, shorts, and shoes.


    A. Uniform Rule (4-21) The competitor's uniform shall be issued by the school and worn as intended.


    B. Undergarments visible under the jersey need not be the same color as undergarments under the shorts. Any visible apparel worn under the jersey and shorts must be of a single (same solid) color. All teammates' undergarments visible under the jersey must be of the same solid color. Shorts may vary in length and style but must be of the same color and undergarments visible under the shorts must be of the same color for all team members.  All runners must match totally in color.


    C. "Scrungies" are acceptable provided they do not exceed 2" in width and are not adorned. All hair control must be of a single color. No metal in the hair.


    D. Athletes must wear their entire uniform until they exit the chute.


 2. No jewelry, sunglasses, hats or other head coverings, bracelets, wristbands or ankle bracelets (hard or soft) may be worn during competition. Tape over earrings is a myth. NO EARRINGS.


3. Use of tobacco products is prohibited for athletes and coaches.


4. Any kind of taunting is unacceptable for athletes, coaches and managers,


5. The primary responsibility for adhering to the PIAA rules is that of the competitor and the competitor's coach.


PIAA Officials .Schedule: 9:30 AM Course Touring
    10:30 AM Coaches' Meeting
Mark FEldman, Starter/Referee   11:00 AM Class AA Girls
Bill Solava   11:45 AM Class AAA Girls
Don Spangler   12:30 PM Class AA Boys
Rick Penepacker   1:05 PM Class AAA Boys
    1:40 PM Junior Varsity Girls
    2:25 PM Junior Varsity Boys
    3:00 PM Awards

Times are tentative. We may run earlier or later!