PIAA District 6 Cross Country Championships

You MUST return this form, complete with ENTRY FEE, so it is received no later than October 22, 2009, in order to have your team compete in the 2009 PIAA District 6 Cross Country Championships. *Please Follow Directions*


Name of School:_______________________________________    Circle one:    AA         AAA


School Address:_______________________________________________________________


FAX Number:_________________  School Phone:_____________________  Head Coach's Home Phone:_____________________


Entry Fee: The entry fee is $7.00 per student/athlete entered in the Varsity and JV Races. If you have three (3) or fewer runners, the fee is $25.00 per school. Make checks payable to PIAA District 6.


Total Entry Fee:__________   School Principal:___________________________  Athletic Director:_________________________


Please use ONLY this form and list your athletes in the order they will most likely finish their race. This list is tentative and may be adjusted on race day. Please legibly PRINT all runners' names and grade levels.


Boys' Varsity Grade ------ Girls' Varsity Grade
1.     1.  
2.     2.  
3.     3.  
4.     4.  
5.     5.  
6.     6.  
7.     7.  
Head Coach:     Head Coach:  


Boys' Junior Varsity - A Grade ------ Girls' Junior Varsity - A Grade
A1.     A1.  
A2.     A2.  
A3.     A3.  
A4.     A4.  
A5.     A5.  
A6.     A6.  
A7.     A7.  
Head Coach:     Head Coach:  


Boys' Junior Varsity - B Grade ------ Girls' Junior Varsity - B Grade
B1.     B1.  
B2.     B2.  
B3.     B3.  
B4.     B4.  
B5.     B5.  
B6.     B6.  
B7.     B7.  
Head Coach:     Head Coach:  


Boys' Junior Varsity - C Grade ------ Girls' Junior Varsity - C Grade
C1.     C1.  
C2.     C2.  
C3.     C3.  
C4.     C4.  
C5.     C5.  
C6.     C6.  
C7.     C7.  
Head Coach:     Head Coach:  

(The names and grades of any additional Junior Varsity runners may be submitted following the same format on a separate sheet of paper.) NO Seniors in the Junior Varsity Races, please.