Mr. Albert D'Ambrosia - District VI Softball Chairman
Penns Valley High School
4545 Penns Valley Road
Spring Mills, PA  16875
Phone: (814) 422-8854   FAX: (814)422-8280  Home: (814) 466-7323


A.                 GENERAL

District 6 will conduct an open, single elimination softball tournament for Class A, AA, AAA, and AAAA teams.


B.                 Playing Field

All games will be played on the field of the higher seeded teams, with the exception of the finals, which will be played at Hess Field in Boalsburg.


C.                Home Team

The team with the higher seed shall be HOME team and HOST the game. 


D.                Game Time

            Higher seed field 2:50-3:20   Lower seed field 3:20-3:50  Game Time 4:00  Times for Finals TBA.


E.                 Brackets & Playing Dates


First Round- Thursday, May 14th    
Quarter-Finals - Monday, May 18th Thursday, May 14th  
Semi-Finals- Wednesday, May 20st Tuesday, May 19th Tuesday, May 19th
Finals- Thursday, May 28 ThurWednesday, sday, May 21st Thursday, May 21st
State Play-In Game May 27th TBA
  (Districts 6 & 9) (Districts 6, 9 & 10)


F.                 Postponed Game:

A game that is postponed shall be played the next day- except Sunday.

The only exception will be if a school has Graduation or another event approved by the Softball chairman. A game that is called by the umpires before the 7th inning or any extra innings will be governed by the NFHS Rules. Rule 4-2, Articles 1 & 2.


G.                  Responsibilities

The school with the higher seed will provide a game manager (or designee), the playing field (except for the final game), at least Three (3) approved NFHS softballs, ball chasers and an official scorekeeper. 

NoteDistrict VI will provide softballs for the Championship games.


1.      District VI will hire and pay the umpires.  Three (3) umpires will be assigned for all regular play-off games and four (4) umpires for the Finals.

2.      District VI will award a trophy and 25 individual medals to the champion of each classification and Second-Place Trophy.

3.      The winner of each game will report the  score to the softball chairman as soon as the game is over.  This is crucial! (814)-466-7323

4.      Individual schools will keep their local media informed. 

5.      Except for the final game, the host school will make the following phone calls when a game is postponed: 
A. Opponent,  B.  Umpire Contact Person,  C. Chairman,   D. News Media.


 H.                  Admission     

     Only admission will be charged for the Finals.  Adults -  $6.00    Students $3.00 .



 I.        Entry Fee: $75.00/Team - Make check payable to PIAA District #6
            Send to:

                            Penns Valley H.S.

                            % Albert D'Ambrosia

                            4545 Penns Valley Road

                            Spring Mills, PA  16875


J.                  State Play-off Dates:


             1st Round - Monday, June 1st              Quarterfinals - Thursday, June 4th
             Semi-Finals - Monday, June 8th              Finals - Friday, June 12th