PRINCIPALS:  Please Share These Minutes With Your Athletic Director

Regular Meeting of PIAA District 6 – September 11, 2003



Call to Order of the September 11, 2003 Meeting

Chairman Wotkowski called the meeting of the District 6 Committee to order at 4:00 PM at the Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School. Present were: Ray Wotkowski, Dean Rossi, Al D’Ambrosia, Michael Sakash, Dave Heim, David Crumrine, Don Hosterman, Jules Dill, Vince Nedimyer, Alberta Ake, Gary Jubas, Norman Krumenacker, Charles Koren, Susan Werner, and Carole Kakabar.


Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Jules Dill and Vince Nedimyer, the minutes of the August 5, 2003, were approved.



Dave Heim reviewed disqualification reports of volleyball players. No action was taken.


Chairman Wotkowski received a letter of resignation from William Holland.  Mr. Holland had been the District 6 football statistician for several years; the Committee would like to thank him for his years of service.  On a motion by Don Hosterman and Susan Werner the Committee accepted his letter of resignation.  On a motion by Dave Heim and Michael Sakash, Tom Elling was appointed the position.


Financial Reports

On a motion by Alberta Ake and Don Hosterman, the District 6 Committee unanimously approved the August Financial Report.


Approval of Tournaments

All tournament requests are to be mailed directly to the PIAA office for approval.


Eligibility Hearings

On a motion by Susan Werner and Vince Nedimyer, the following students at Bishop McCort, Bishop Guilfoyle, Bishop Carroll, Cambria Heights, Johnstown, Marion Center and Altoona are eligible for sports based on Article VI, Transfer and Residence, Section 8.  Charles Koren, Vince Nedimyer and Alberta Ake abstained from voting.


Bishop Guilfoyle                                                                                  Bishop McCort

Brendan Ross Cheesebrough, grade 9                                             Chelsea Elizabeth Smith, grade 9

Seth Yahner Wineland, grade 10                                                       Lara Joanne Holdsworth, grade 9

Abigail Marie Ball, grade 11                                                               Andrea Marie Sanner, grade 9

Kyle Scott Kresge, grade 11                                                               Anne Christine Barbera, grade 10

Cole James Abram, grade 12                                                              Maria Elizabeth Sanner, grade 9

Joshua Albert Petucci, grade 12                                                        Damian Melvin, grade 11

                                                                                                                Tyler Ames Walters, grade 11

Bishop Carroll

Jenna Janie Weakland, grade 11                                                        Cambria Heights

                                                                                                                Jacob Michael Snedden, grade 10


Josh Stutzman, grade 12                                                                     Marion Center

                                                                                                                Samantha Jourdan Mallik, grade 11


Louis Stephen Campanaro, grade 10                                                Somerset

Frank Xavier Eggerstorfer II, grade 10                                              Dustin Russell

Sarah J. Pentland



Foreign Exchange Eligibility Hearings

The following students have a J1 VISA and were approve to participate in sports on a motion from Dean Rossi and Susan Werner

            Somerset High School                                                       Indian Valley

                Mercedes Zinn-Zinnenburg, Austria                                               Katharina Rauch, Germany

                Alexandra Blesel, Germany                                 Julien Franssen, Belgium


                Johnstown                                                                             Bellefonte

                Alejo Romano, Ecuador                                                      Fabian Gorgs, Germany


                Forest Hills                                                                          Ligonier

                Sabrina Steussloff, Germany                                              Zdenek Fous, Czech Republic

                Stine Angen, Norway


                Claysburg Kimmel                                                              Jon Bengoechea, Spain

                Lilian Lieber, Germany                                                         Ruben DeWilde, Belgium


                Richland                                                                                Central

                Julia Kabisch, Germany                                                       Claudia Holtrup, Germany

                                                                                                                Maria Rupprechter, Austria

                Juniata Valley                                                                      Nazli Binyildirim, Turkey

                Ludovica Colombo, Italy                                                   

                                                                                                                Philipsburg Osceola

                Bald Eagle Area                                                                   Florian Bauer, Germany

                Nicolas Pena, Ecuador                                                        Mabel Burneo, Ecuador


                Tyrone                                                                                   Huntingdon

                Lada Benakovic, Croatia                                                     Paula Ghilardetti, Argentina


                Southern Huntingdon                                                         Ferndale

                Andre Almedeia, Brazil                                                       Pehr Lindquist, Sweden

                Hilfer Andreas, Switzerland                                                Per Svensson, Sweden

                                                                                                                Ingelin Skipenes, Norway




Susan Werner had request for medallions to be given to 2 – 6 place and ribbons to be given to 7- 12 place in swimming, the Committee made a decision to keep the awards for swimming and diving as it currently is. 


A motion was made by Dean Rossi and Ray Wotkowski to pay Tom Musselman and William Reimer for meal, mileage, and turnpike toll for a workshop they attend for Track and Field.


Gary Jubas and Norman Krumenacker made a motion to award second place teams in championships with medals or ribbons as proposed by Charles Koren, the motion was denied with a vote of 2-12.


The Next Meeting

The next meeting of the PIAA District 6 Committee will be held on Thursday, October 9, 2003, at the Hollidaysburg Area High School at 4:00 PM.



Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                                                Sherry Montgomery