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Regular Meeting of PIAA District 6 – June 12, 2003



Call to Order of the June 12, 2003 Meeting

Chairman Bem called the meeting of the District 6 Committee to order at 10:00 AM at the Cottage Restaurant in Ebensburg.  Present were Committee members Stanley Bem, Ray Wotkowski, Dean Rossi, Michael Sakash, Don Hosterman, Jules Dill, Vince Nedimyer, Charles Koren, Dave Heim, David Crumrine, Alberta Ake, Carole Kakabar, Susan Werner, Kathy Getz, Gary Jubus, and Norman Krumenacker.  Also present was invited guest, William Reimer.


Approval of Minutes

Jules Dill and David Crumrine approved the minutes of the May 7, 2003 meeting.



Dave Heim and Kathy Getz reviewed reports regarding Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, and Field and Track player and coach disqualifications.  The Committee took no further action.


Bishop McCort High School was fined $100 for not attending the Mandatory Rules Interpretation Meeting.


Greater Johnstown School District made a request that the District 6 Committee consider them as a host site for District and State Football playoffs.


Penn Cambria High School furnished the District 6 Committee with a copy of their policy for students who are disruptive at sporting events.  The Committee will ask them to put in writing their definition of “disruptive” for clarification.


St. Johns has notified the District 6 Committee that they are withdrawing their membership from District 6.


Financial Reports

On a motion by Vince Nedimyer and Susan Werner, the Committee unanimously approved the May Financial Report. 


Approval of Tournaments

On a motion by David Crumrine and Kathy Getz, the following tournaments were approved:  Williamsburg Lady Pirate Booster Tip-off Tournament and Indiana Volleyball Official Tournament.


Eligibility Hearings

On a motion by David Crumrine and Susan Werner an eligibility hearing was held for Ian Vranich, Bishop McCort High School, eligibility was granted for athletics based on a waiver of Article VI, Transfer and Residence, Section 8, Waiver.


On a motion by Ray Wotkowski and Michael Sakash an eligibility hearing was held for Dominique DeGretto, Bishop Carroll High School, eligibility was granted for athletics based on Article VI, Transfer and Residence, Section 11.


Foreign Exchange Eligibility Hearings

There were no foreign exchange eligibility hearings.


District 6 Sports Reports

The following reports were given:

Golf – Dean Rossi                                                Girls and Boys Tennis – Dean Rossi

Track and Field – William Reimer                      Volleyball – Kathy Getz     

Football – Jules Dill                                             Softball – Ray Wotkowski

Basketball – Michael Sakash                             Swimming and Diving – Susan Werner

Wrestling – Don Hosterman                              Baseball – David Crumrine



Jim Gronger and Pat Stock addressed the Committee with several suggestions for Softball.  They were instructed to contact Albert D’Ambrosia, Softball Chairman, and ask him to forward their suggestions on the Board of Control.


Please forward your 2003 Varsity Football schedule to William Holland at 204 Oak Lane, Flemington, PA  17745 as soon as possible.




Proposed changes for the 2003-2004 school year in the following areas: 

Trophies - David Crumrine, Norman Krumenacker and Charles Koren will bring a sample of plaques and medals to the August meeting with a proposal of providing medals for the second place team.


Programs and Champion tee shirts – Ray Wotkowski, Vince Nedimyer, and Michael Sakash will bring suggestions to the August meeting.


An election was held to fill the position left vacant pending the retirement of Stanley Bem.  Jim Price was voted to fill that position with a vote of 6 to 9.  He will finished Mr. Bem term and then run for reelection in April of 2004. 


Stanley Bem was given a retirement gift from the District 6 Committee.  He had served on the Committee for 17 years.   Raymond Wotkowski will be the District 6 Chairman.


The Next Meeting

The next meeting of the PIAA District 6 Committee will be held on Tuesday, August 5, 2003 at 10:00 AM Athletic Director/Principal Workshop, 1:00 PM Committee Meeting at the Scotch Valley Country Club, Hollidaysburg, PA.



Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Montgomery


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