PRINCIPALS:  Please Share These Minutes With Your Athletic Director

Regular Meeting of PIAA District 6 – December 11, 2003


Call to Order of the December 13, 2003, Meeting

Chairman Wotkowski called the meeting of the District 6 Committee to order at 4:00 PM at the Scotch Valley Country Club. Present were: Ray Wotkowski, Alberta Ake, David Crumrine, Albert D’Ambrosia, Jules Dill, David Heim, Don Hosterman, Vince Nedimyer, James Price, Dean Rossi, Michael Sakash, Kim Struble, and Susan Werner.


Approval of Minutes

On a motion from Dean Rossi and Michael Sakash, the minutes of the November 11,  2003, meeting was approved.



David Heim reviewed disqualification reports of football and basketball players. The Committee took no further action.


Chairman Wotkowski received a letter of resignation from Carole Kakabar from serving on the District 6 Committee.  Motion was made by Susan Werner and Don Hosterman to accept her resignation.


Chairman Wotkowski received a letter from PIAA Board of Control informing the District 6 Committee of two schools within District 6 who failed to submit their Update Information and Student enrollment forms: Blacklick Valley and Living Waters Christian Academy.


Financial Reports

On a motion by Susan Werner and Don Hosterman, the Committee unanimously approved the November Financial Report and the purchase necessary to upgrade the operating system and memory to gain access to the Great Plains Accounting Program. 


David Heim and Vince Nedimyer made a motion to accept the Soccer Financial report prepared by Albert D’Ambrosia.

·         AAA 2003 Girls Soccer Champions – Central Mountain High School

·         AA 2003 Girls Soccer Champions – Westmont Hilltop High School

·         AAA 2003 Boys Soccer Champions – State College High School

·         AA Boys Soccer Champions – Ligonier Valley High School

·        A Boys Soccer Champions – Bishop McCort


On a motion by Susan Werner and Don Hosterman, the Field Hockey Financial report prepared by Kim Struble was accepted.

·           AAA- 2003 Field Hockey Champions – State College Area High School

·        AA – 2003 Field Hockey Champions – Indian Valley High School


Football Financial reports will be available at the January meeting.  Vince Nedimyer would like to express his thanks to all the athletic directors and schools who were host sites for this year’s playoffs. 


Terry Shook, Barnes Saly Representative, will be at the January meeting to review the District 6 audit with the Committee.


Eligibility Hearings

On a motion by Michael Sakash and Vince Nedimyer, Landis Wright,  a Bald Eagle Area High School student, is eligible for sports based on Article VI, Section 10, Transfer and Residence, with a vote of 9-1, Susan Werner abstaining.


Foreign Exchange Eligibility Hearings

The following foreign exchange students were approved on a motion by Dean Rossi and Vince Nedimyer:

            Tyrone                                                                        Philipsburg Osceola

            Eva Kathrin Brauer       Germany                       Robin Wenglewski         Germany


            West Branch

            Hathai Daosodsai          Thailand



On a motion by Michael Sakash and Don Hosterman, the following people were approved as Evaluators for Basketball for 2003-04:

            Ronald Rickens

            Joseph Lutz

            James Conrad

            Louis Idzojtic


Second group if needed:

            Richard Young – District 6 Interpreter

            David Heim – District 6 Official’s Representative

            Ray Wotkowski – District 6 Chairman


Any school who has a student that would qualify for District 6 swimming and wants to participate in the championship swim meet, the Athletic Director from their school needs to contact Susan Werner as soon as possible.


Any secondary principal who would be interested in serving on the District 6 Committee should submit a letter of interest, on school letterhead, to Ray Wotkowski, District 6 Chairman, at Forest Hills Middle School, 1427 Frankstown Road, Sidman, PA  15955 by January 5, 2004.  Those interested will be invited to the January 8, 2004 meeting for an interview with Committee members.


Budget Committee meeting will be held on January 15, 16, 2004, at the Harrisburg Holiday Inn.


A Policy Review Committee meeting will be held on January 30, 31, 2004 at the Harrisburg Holiday Inn.


The Next Meeting

The next meeting of the PIAA District 6 Committee will be held on Thursday, January 8, 2004 at 4:00 PM at the Hollidaysburg Area High School.         

                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,


                                                                                                Sherry Montgomery