2017 District 6 Soccer - Mike Cacciotti , Chairman   mcacciotti@bguilfoyle.org

Important Soccer Information... Soccer will be a CLOSED tournament this season.
Coaches will be responsible to enter results just as our basketball does each year.
It takes just a minute or two to do so. When you do, your own team page will automatically be updated as will the rankings for each classification.
Details will follow.. but please email me your schedules ASAP (I am aware that some are in tournaments and the opponent there will not be known.



An email was sent to ALL soccer head coaches with INSTRUCTIONS earlier this evening.

Thus, you will no longer have to email Tom Elling your results. You will have to take a

couple minutes to use the drop down menus to enter all of your games to date.


This will be quick and easy.
We anticipate everyone complying. The program allows the administrator to check the times you log in and/or enter results.
It is IMPORTANT ALL of your results are entered. Each of you will have an individual team page.
Thanks in advance.


Click this Form  
1. enter your results

2. check all teams' results

3. check updated (after each results entry) Rankings per classification.


Special note.. if your opponent has already entered the results, you will not have to nor be able to do so.
However, if there is an error, the coach that entered the results will have to make said correction by clicking on the
garbage can icon and re-entering the correction.

If you appoint someone else to enter the results, you will need to pass on that information (for login and password) to them.
Those who have not logged in yet.... coming soon.. please enter results.. if you have a problem logging in, contact us.



Schools that have not reported..coaches' names and their emails.. 9/4/18

Boys' Soccer Teams


Girls' Soccer Teams



Boys' 2018 Season Information             Girls' 2018 Season Information




Mountain League Soccer
  Win Loss Tie PCT GB PF PA
Bellefonte 3 0 0 1.000 - 12 4
Huntingdon 2 0 1 0.833 0.5 5 2
Bald Eagle Area 2 2 0 0.500 1.5 7 6
Philipsburg-Osceola 1 1 0 0.500 1.5 5 2
Tyrone 1 1 0 0.500 1.5 5 6
Clearfield 1 2 1 0.375 1.5 5 8
Penns Valley 1 2 0 0.333 2.0 7 7
Central 0 3 0 0.000 3.0 1 12
  Win Loss Tie PCT GB PF PA
Penns Valley 3 1 0 0.750 - 14 8
Bellefonte 3 1 0 0.750 - 15 9
Clearfield 2 1 1 0.625 1.0 10 6
Central 2 2 0 0.500 1.0 18 11
Huntingdon 1 1 1 0.500 1.5 6 5
Tyrone 1 2 0 0.333 1.5 5 8
Bald Eagle Area 0 2 2 0.250 2.5 2 6
Philipsburg-Osceola 0 2 0 0.000 2.0 1 17

thanks to Robert Sauerwein




Michael Cacciotti, Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic HS

2400 Pleasant Valley Blvd.

Altoona, PA 16602

Fax: (814) 944-8695

Email: mcacciotti@bguilfoyle.org





 District 6 Play-off Brackets   FINAL



Soccer Boys Class A

Soccer Boys Class AA

Soccer Boys Class AAA

Soccer Boys Class AAAA


Soccer Girls Class A

Soccer Girls Class AA 

Soccer Girls Class AAA

Soccer Girls Class AAAA



PIAA Boys' Brackets    -    Updated Brackets for B & G


PIAA Girls' Brackets


Results 2017 

Boys' Results

Girls' Results

Boys' Rankings (UNOFFICIAL) 

Girls' Rankings (UNOFFICIAL)


Class 3A Girls Championship

Hollidaysburg 1, Somerset 0

Class 3A Boys Championship

Hollidaysburg 5, Bellefonte 2


Boys' 4A and Girls' 4A soccer that will be held this Saturday (November 4th).

McDowell will play State College in Girls' Soccer @ 2:00 p.m.

McDowell will play Altoona in Boys' Soccer @ 4:00 p.m.

Both matches will be held at Hollidaysburg Stadium


District 6 2017 Soccer Play-Off Information (9/11/17) from Mike Cacciotti, Chairman

Special thanks to Jeff Hall & Thomas Young for providing detailed results for Dist 4 & 9.
Also special note to Nathan Gironda, Robert Sauerwein, and Seth Miller for providing many scores from around the area.
This helps make up for those who never or seldom report anything.
Reporting after each game is crucial to having a viable page.


Stacey Miller recently was presented her 150th win as the head coach at Bellefonte.  She now owns a 150-107-16 record (58.37 winning %.. 
District 4 Mifflinburg coach Dan Gehers achieved his 100th coaching win 10/12/17


Contributors 2017   (please let me know if I missed anyone. I plan to send the report to your AD so we know who is and who isn't reporting.


Anaya,  Melvin 

Bair, Jason

Black, Cole

Blystone, Raymond

Brinker, Jeff

Byler, Jared

Cicero-Smith, Michele

Cree, Corey

Crist, Dan

DeFazio, John M. 

DeForrest, Clayton

Deleo, Joe 

Gehers, Colby

Gironda, Nathan

Hawkins, Phil

Hughes, Jason

Inlow, Shawn

Kane, James

Kodish, Kevin

Koontz,  Brian 





Kuster, Stacy

Lepley,  Robert 

Lindeman, Jennifer

Michael, Martha

Martz, Scott

McCarter, David

Miller, Nick

Miller, Nick

Miller, Seth

Mock, Vince

Moore, Jared 

Murtha, Kevin

Myers, Kyler

Orton, Danny

Renno,  Brian 

Sauerwine, Robert

Schrock, Barrett

Shale, Craig

Soellner,  Dave 

Stillman, Frank





Stokes, Cullen

Stouffer, Gary

Strasser, Adam

Trexler, Randy 

Trusik, Tim

Vogelsang, Eric

Wassilchalk, Mark

Williamson, Davey

Wilson, Randy

Winterburne, Derek

Wyles. Nicole

Zaffuto,  Jason 

Kidd, Bonnie

Damin, Nick

Herwig, Jeremy

Hall, Jeff

Bell, Brian

Shane Reffner

Thomas Young

Jillian Kegg









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